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Featured Testimonial

“The Foot Gym® is a unique and creative product that allows me to do a plethora of foot and lower extremity things with my athletes. All that it provides can make it a one stop shop for preventing, managing and rehabbing injuries.”
Jasen Powell
- Head Athletic Trainer, Los Angeles Clippers




What Our Foot Gym® Customers Are Saying

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“This device offers multiple physical therapeutic options in a small contained
device. It is almost like the swiss army knife of foot and ankle therapy.”
Dr. Wayne Goldstein
Dr. Wayne Goldstein
“It’s a good all in one device for doing several stretching and strengthening exercises for the foot and lower leg, useful for both rehab and sports.”
Dr. Carle Rollins
Dr. Carle Rollins
“The Foot Gym® is an ideal physical therapy tool because it incorporates many exercises with easy to follow instructions. Ultimate convenience.”
Dr. Heather McCombs
Dr. Heather McCombs

Featured Testimonial

There are ways to stretch and strengthen the lower extremities, but nothing is as all-encompassing, easy to use and plain inviting as the Foot Gym ®. It combines six stretches along with a heated or chilled massage feature, to allow you to speed up your recovery from injury or surgery, or help prevent either from happening in the first place.
Brian Gotta
- Coach & Editor,

 Sports Product Review


Featured Testimonial

Injury prevention is every bit as important as treatment, and the only thing that will allow you to run consistently enough to achieve true gains is to keep those nags and niggles at bay. With the Foot Gym, I can tackle every critical strength and mobility exercise that the foot requires to operate effectively and efficiently all in one simple unit. As a result, The Foot Gym serves as a part of both the start and the finish of my training day.
Justin Park
- Professional Athlete


2011- 3rd Ironman 70.3 Muskoka

2010- 1st Washington Olympic Triathlon

2010- 1st White Lake Half Triathlon

2009- 4th Subaru Vancouver Half Ironman

2009- 3rd Ironman 70.3 Lake Stevens

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